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EUROSMITH The First European Aerosmith Tribute Band Since 1997 (IT)

The first European band who in 1997 had the idea to found a tribute to the greatest American Rock band ever Aerosmith. The band headed by an ambitious and determined spirit, recreates the sound of the new and old Aerosmith anthems, giving life to a following of top quality die-hard Aerosmith fans.

The idea was born already in 1993 with the project “Yes Of Course”, a band led by an ambitious and determined spirit, in the search for that groove capable of recreating the special Rock alchemy of the 70’s, inspired by the great American band Aerosmith, born in the early 70s that still rides masterfully on the wings of Rock’n’Roll today.
In ’97, after the name change to Eurosmith, the group’s popularity began to grow thanks to their numerous and overwhelming live-acts. Luca Celletti, a leader of undisputed charisma and talent, guides them with passion and determination. In addition to being lucky enough to resemble the young Steven Tyler in an “absolutely natural” way (no artifice, just a few outfits and some scarves…) he undeniably possesses the same determination, the same vitality and a vocal timbre that matches confuse with the original. On stage Luca manages to involve even the most distracted of spectators, transforming every concert into a party in which Aerosmith classics blend with new hits.
All this did not escape the Italian Aerosmith Fans Club, led by Marinella Carraro, through which Eurosmith came into direct contact with the American band on 12 July 1999, on the occasion of their concert at the Neapolis Live Festival. Already backstage Luca manages to surprise Steven Tyler, who proves to be so enthusiastic and helpful that he allows Luca to watch the concert directly from the backstage. And it is precisely during the show that something great and unexpected happens: during the performance of the song “Fallin’ in Love”, Luca and Steven find themselves singing into the same microphone for a verse of the song. On this occasion Steven gives one of his harmonicas to Luca.
Luca and Steven Tyler met again on March 23, 2001 in Munich, on the occasion of the “Meet & Greet”, a promotional meeting organized for the release of Aerosmith’s new album “Just Push Play”;
on this occasion Luca also writes a review of the memorable surprise concert held by the American band on March 24th. The article “Munich, Babylon, March 24, 2001: AeroGospel according to Luke” is published by the journalist Barbara Caserta in Hard magazine. (year 12, n°120, May 2001)
The meeting is immortalized by a photo in which Steven shows off the poster of the tribute concert that Eurosmith will hold on the following 26 March at the Hard Rock Cafè in Rome to celebrate Mr. Tyler’s birthday together with the Aerofans.
Again at the Hard Rock Cafè in Rome, the following year, Eurosmith shot the video clip with their personal version of Rag Doll, Aerosmith’s famous hit, with the precious participation of Miss Conchi Sanchez Yus.
In July ’02, the English band “Toxic Twins – UK Tribute To Aerosmith” proposed to Luca to become their official singer and so until December 2004, Luca embarked on a new artistic adventure, dividing his time between both bands in Italy and the United Kingdom. United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium and Holland.
In 2003 Eurosmith organized “Make it”, the first Italian meeting for Aerosmith fans (subsequently renamed “Aeromeeting”)at the Rock Music Club Jailbreak, in Rome, with the participation of numerous musicians on stage as special guests and the presence of a large audience from all over Italy. The event was repeated in 2004 at Transilvania Live in Milan and in 2006 at Stazione Birra in Rome, always with great success.
Eurosmith progressively continue their artistic growth, in the most prestigious venues and events throughout Italy and Europe.
At the same time, the national press also took an interest in the Band with articles and reports in newspapers such as Il Messaggero, Il Tempo, la Stampa and specialized magazines including Hard and Rolling Stone magazines. They were also invited to the television show “Cloni” on Rai 3, dedicated to the phenomenon of tribute bands already in 1999.
Since 2005 their popularity and success has spread far beyond national borders: Eurosmith have begun a new artistic adventure in Europe, which has taken the band several times to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Albania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Holland, with increasingly numerous requests also arriving from Malta, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and Japan.
In 2008 Luca was contacted by the Tallarico family and by Giuseppe Pipicelli, councilor for tourism and entertainment of Cotronei (Calabria), the birthplace of Steven Tyler’s grandfather, Giovanni Tallarico, to collaborate on the ambitious project to start the process for the transfer of the honorary citizenship of Cotronei to Steven Tallarico (aka Steven Tyler).
After about two years of preparation the goal was finally achieved on 4 July 2010 in Venice.


Luca Celletti – Lead Singer

Massimiliano Giusti – Guitars

Mirko Turchetta – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Luigi Lombardi – Bass/Backing Vocals

Massimo Marraccini – Drums

Domenico La Mastra – Keyboards/Backing Vocals