OMG!!! this guys rock!!!

They performed on stage for 2 hours!!! I don't really remember the complete set list anyway I'm posting all the songs I can remember here: Pink Fallin' in love Jaded Mama Kin Rag doll Dude Amazing Toys in the attic Walk this way I don't wanna miss a thing Sweet emotions Livin' on the edge Eat the rich Crazy Cryin' Dream on Love in elevetor What it takes Same old song and dance The other side Train' kept a rollin Let the music do the talkin Are you go on my way Missing maybe other 2 or 3 songs... I like very much Luke's voice, very very NICE with a big charisma. He is too hot and very gorgeous ,like Steven maybe! I know he is the singer of "Toxic Twins" tribute band too, so if you are living in UK, you can see him performs with them !!! don't lose this opportunity! Eurosmith is a very good and too funny band! all the members love Aerosmith and you can "see" it with no doubts!.




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