Eurosmith FiRST TIME in RUSSIA! Tour 2011 - NEW PICS from touring Russia - Jagger Club (S. Petersburg) - Music Town ( Moscow)

Eurosmith Live at Music Town Moscow - Russia
Вечер Aerosmith: Eurosmith - лучшая трибьют-группа из Европы. 24 марта 2011 г.
Wanna thank you all guys from Jagger Club(S. Petersburg)and Music Town(Moscow)for your strong and warm support to Eurosmith.We found great people able to set their feeling free to catch and transmit the joy of the moment! Beautiful audience! Special thank's also to  Miss Ksenia from the Jagger Club and Mr.Serge who organized everything perfectly for the first Eurosmith's Russian tour!
Keeping you warm in a special place of our heart!

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