Eurosmith Live at Limelight Club - UK

Limelight Club, Hightown, Crewe, Cheshire. CW1 3BP UK

The Limelight ‘Munsters of Rock’ Tribute Day

The Sanctuary of Rock 



Hello Everyone.
Welcome to our second Limelines of the year (2 more to go), I'm sure you will all agree that we have probably hit the bottom of these difficult times and as the song goes 'The only way is up' or as Oscar Wilde said 'We're all in the gutter and some of us are looking up at the stars'.

GREAT NEWS The Limelight 'Munsters of Rock' Tribute Day is organised and starts from 1.00pm (see below list of artists performing)
Just Suppossin (Status Quo Tribute)    A Foreigners Journey (Foreigner/Journey Trib)
ZZ Eliminator (ZZ Top Tribute)                The Likeness (The Darkness Tribute)
Motorheadache (Motorhead Tribute)      Eurosmith (Aerosmith Tribute from Italy)
Wizards of Oz (Ozzy Tribute)

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