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The First Running Italian Aerosmith Tribute Band since 1997…

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The first Italian band who in 1997 had the idea to create a tribute to the great American Rock band Aerosmith.

The idea came in 1993 with a project called “Yes of Course”, a band headed by an ambitious and determined spirit, on the look out for a groove which would recreate that special alchemy of the 70’s – inspired by the great American band Aerosmith, which was formed in the start of the 70’s and who still today ride wonderfully on the wings of Rock ‘n Roll.

In 1997, after the band changed their name to Aerosmith, the popularity of the group started to grow, thanks to their numerous and spectacular live shows! Guided with passion by Luca Celletti.  Apart from being fortunate enough to naturally resemble the young “Steven Tyler”  (nothing artificial, only some “mise” and some scarves!!), he also possesses ind of passion, vitality and tone of voice that can be mistaken for the original.  On stage, Luca always manages to grab the attention, transforming each concert into a party where the classic Aerosmith songs are mixed with the latest hits.

All this didn’t go unnoticed by the Italian Aerosmith Fan Club, headed by Marinella Carraro, through whom Eurosmith were put in direct contact with the band on 12th July 1999 at their concert at the Neapolis Live Festival in Naples IT.  Backstage, Luca managed to shock Steven, who was so enthusiastic and available that he allowed Luca to assist in the concert directly from behind the scenes...And it was during this show that something huge and unexpected happened:  During the song “Fallin in Love”, Luca and Steven sang in the same microphone for one verse of the song.  On this occasion, Steven gifted his harmonica in C to Luca.

Luca and Steven met again on 23rd March 2001 in Monaco, at the “Meet & Greet” promotional meeting organized for the release of Aerosmith’s new album “Just Push Play”.  On this occasion, Luca wrote a review on the memorable surprise concert held by the band on 24th March. The article “Monaco, Babylon, 24th March 2001:  AeromVangelo 2nd Luca” was published by the journaist Barbara Caserta in the magazine “Hard”.
(year 12, n.120, May 2001).  This meeting was immortalized by a photo in which Steven shows a poster of the Eurosmith Cover Tribute on 26th March in the Hard Rock Café in Rome to celebrate Steven Tyler’s birthday along with the Aerofans.

Also through The Hard Rock Café in Rome, the following year Eurosmith filmed their video-clip with their own personal version of Rag Doll, a celebrated hit by Aerosmith, with the precious participation of Miss
Conchi Sanchez Yus.

In July 2002, the English band “Toxic Twins” Uks Tribute to Aerosmith”  proposed that Luca become their official singer and so up until December 2004, Luca took on the new artistic adventure, dividing himself between both bands between Italy, UK, Ireland, Belgium and Holand.

In 2003 Euromsith organized “Make it”. The first Italian meeting for Aerosmith fans (later renamed “Aeromeeting”) at Jailbreak in Rome with the participation of numerous musicians on stage with special guests and the presense of a huge public from al lover Italy.  The event was repeated in 2004 in Transilvania Live of Milan and in 2006 in Stazione Birra of Rome, each having great success.  The 3rd edition had many new musicians participating including Miss Chiara Salvade and Miss Simona Bocci as Pin Up dancs.

Eurosmith continued their artistic growth with performances in the most prestigious events and venues throughout Italy. 
Such as Il Centrale del Foro Italico of Rome, Rome live festival, TRibute night of Bagnoli, Festival dei Parchi – opening band being Creedence Clearwater Rivival, Glamshot, Festival “Estragon”, Carpe Diem Arre Beer Fest, Harley Davidson Italian Club, Rock City  edictions, Rolling Stone and Alcatraz of Milan, Stazione Birra, Jailbreak and Locanda Blues of Rome, Indian Saloon, Thunder Road, Transilvania Live, Corallo, Mephisto and many more.

Parallel to this also the national newspapers were interested in the band with articles and paragraphs in the dailys such as Il Messeggero, Il Tempo, la Stampa and specialized magazines such as Hard and Rolling Stone. They were also invited to perform on a television programme called “clones” on Rai 3, dedicated to the phenomenon of the tribute bands from 1999 onwards.

From 2005 their success and popularity started to stretch outside the borders of Italy: Eurosmith were starting a new artistic adventure in Europe, which took the band many times to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, ,Czech Republic, Bulgaria,Slovenia, Albania, Romania, Russia and France, especially on stage with Camus Production "Legends Of Rock"

In 2008 Luca was contacted by the Tallarico family and by Giuseppe Pipicelli Tourism and show organizer on Cotronei (Calabria), the toen of Stevens Grandfather, Giovanni Tallarico, to take èart in an ambitious project (through Iter) to confirm honorary citezenship of Cotronei to Steven Tallarico (Steven Tyler in Art).

After two years of preparation it had finally reached 4th July 2010 in Venice, the day following the Aerosmith show, the only Italian date, at the Heineken Jamming Festival of Mestre.

Luca meets Steven Tyler for the third time, Steven greets Luca with a warm embrace, the meetins is pure Energy in the heart of the night, on the Venice canal. Steven, who had just returned to the hotel along with his stunning partner Erin Brady, from a romatic ride on a venice gondola after the show, stops quite happily for and pleasant and friendly conversation with Luca, his partner Delia and his friend Alex Ruffini, in the Venetian photos. 

Steven seemed to sincerely appreciate Luca and Eurosmith is showen in the photos taken together, also on this occasion Steven gifted Luca with one of his harmonicas

The following day Steven Tyler is conferred the Honorary Citezenship of the city of Cotronei by the Major of Contronei Mario Scavelli and by the (assessore) of tourism and events Giuseppe Pipicelli, curator of the project. 

Luca Celletti is part of the team who organized and reached this ambitious objective. 

A dream come true again……


Luca Celletti Vocals

Massimiliano Giusti Guitars

Luigi Lombardi Bass

Domenico La Mastra Keyboards

Emanuele Jorma Gasperi Guitars

                                                               Massimo Marraccini Drums
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